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About the REAL Erik!

I was going to write this myself, but thought that was a bit vain... so I got the fur-parents to do it!

After realising that Erik needed a new home, the Universe took time to seek out his new, unsuspecting parents, and one early spring morning in 2020, he was rescued from almost certain obscurity from the depths of darkest Plymouth, which, for cat of Erik’s immense talents, would have been simply disastrous!


Outgoing, brave and fearless, may not immediately spring to mind when you consider Erik’s personality traits, but fun, playful, loving, inquisitive, and loyal most certainly do! Lording over his pride of human and guinea pig subjects, Erik conducts his day-to-day activities with a certain laid-back attitude, preferring to keep a tight hold of his authority by stealth, rather than an iron fist! These include such methods as loving head rubs, slow blinky eyes, soothing purring, gentle vocal acknowledgments, and many cuddles, which, although the same could be said of many other cats, Erik adopts in his own, very unique, almost human way (Note: after reading this, Erik voiced his objection to us using the word ‘almost’...!).


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